More Efficient, Smarter, Portable Welding Machine

The welding speed of MK-HW laser welding machine is 5-10 times that of traditional argon arc welding and plasma welding. The area affected by welding heat is small, and there will be no problems such as deformation, blackening, or marks on the back of the joint construction. The welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and the welding is firm.

Dual Drive Handheld Swing Laser Welding Head

6 welding modes and multiple welding tips to meet different welding needs;
Safety detection system, real-time monitoring of multi-point temperature inside the fuselage;
The welding seam width is adjustable and the welding capacity is significantly improved.

Smart Water Cooler

Intelligent monitoring, dual temperature and dual control, and circulating water circuit can quickly cool the internal pipe cavity of the welding head and simultaneously cool the laser.

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