One-Time Forming of Workpieces, More Efficient Welding

Workpiece welding is formed in one step, no need for polishing, supports multiple welding methods, fast, strong, aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient welding.

Flexible Processing, Efficient Welding

The equipment is flexible and portable, occupying a small footprint, suitable for the welding processing of small-sized workpieces, welding speed is 3-10 times faster than traditional argon arc welding and plasma welding.

Professional Welding System, Easy to Operate

Professional welding system integrates welding, cleaning, cutting, and other functions, assisting various welding processes, easy to operate and user-friendly.

6 Laser Welding Modes

From precise spot welding to continuous welding. choose the most suitable mode, ensure you get the best results and quality every time you laser weld.

One machine with multiple functions

Welding, cutting, cleaning, weld cleaning
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